Since society is at the dawn of a system shift; simply hopping from one trend to the next, isn’t sufficient anymore. Therefore we created a presentation that covers more than the “next trend” and is focused on developments that last longer than one season. We target to companies in need of strong identities that address to a growing group of self-secure individuals, drifting away from mass consumption.

In four directions we discuss characteristics and challenges. We will deal with initial inspiration up to market possibilities. Our target is cross sector, but our core business comes from the fashion and design industry. The general focus is broad, yet delivers sufficient inspiration for the kick off of any collection or strategy.

The four directions are:


In a world of abundance one needs peace of mind to perceive the unseen and undiscovered.Rare beauty, enchanting fragility or simple gestures are of priceless value. Uncovering the unseen will be a new incentive in a world “where one seems to have it all”. Whether it’s nature, human emotions or the arts touching us, we see that magic lasts longer than money, while silence sometimes holds more insight than all the information one can get.

" I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free" -Michelangelo



In a complicated society where data overload is part of the everyday, it is impossible to keep track of everything. The question is, “can one handle today’s information?” At some point every individual wonders where they come from. It’s a perennial question. Society, at the point of crossing borders beyond our comprehension, more than ever, requires a true understanding of everything that surrounds us.

“It is not about doing something new, it’s about being real”



The multi-layered world has become a fact, still few people live their lives accordingly. Young people, creatives and the tech-curious among us have adapted to the new  rules of multi-choice and instability. A new reality comes with a new set of rules; harder to control, yet focused on self-regulation and community loyalty. Let’s start accepting that the real, the virtual and the imaginary have become one.

“Dreamtime”: more real than reality itself   -Aboriginal infinite spiritual cycle



While technological and scientific developments are causing a revolution, a changing mindset will play a crucial role in shaping our future society. By liberating ourselves from material goods, freeing our minds from domination and inefficient power games, we opt for new starting points seemingly contradictory to what we believed what was “normal” until recently: from abundance to frugality, from “on-the-spot” to “off-the-grid”.

“Sharing means joining forces in order to solve problems and tackle challenges”

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