Throughout the years we specialized ourselves in tracing and describing the changes in society at a very early stage. We write as trend forecasters: we open doors and trigger to think differently rather than reporting what is currently going on. We often follow an unorthodox thinking process in order to write a piece that is thought provoking and often a starting point for discussion. In our white papers we write mainly about politics and economics. We have often been right in predicting future developments, f.i.: in "Full Automation" we wrote in 2011 already about the influence of robotics on the future of work and in "Parallel Initiatives" we wrote in February  2012 about complementary currency.


June 2008 until December 2013 Truus Dokter was a columnist for Second Sight, a Dutch magazine. Most of the articles written in English are also published on the blog of it fits! fullinsight. To name a few titles: "The Yin & Yang within Power", "The Vintage Years" or "Individualism 4.0".


We are also often quoted in the press like the Elle, Glamour or Elegance and in newspapers like the Volkskrant, the NRC or the FD (all Dutch newspapers).

In the FD (the Dutch Financial Times) we've done the following spread: