My name is Truus Dokter and I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 1997 after years of corporate experience as a design manager in the fashion industry, I started "it fits!" and became an agent for PeclersParis in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

I have been working for a variety of companies in the fashion and design industry, but in the last couple of years my focus lies more on the "bigger picture". I express and share my thoughts on innovation and developments in society in articles and presentations. I still love to be part of creative processes, but since the financial crisis in 2008, my attention goes to global economic and political transformation. It has become my passion to contextualise current developments and point out how to adapt to a new reality in a changing environment. 

For PeclersParis I am responsible in the Netherlands and Belgium for trend book sales and consultancy. Most of all, I enjoy to "sketch" and explain Peclers' beautiful story of colours, inspirations and design to my clients.

I cherish my network of creative professionals: to do business with or share projects together, be a connector and introduce them to other parties or simply enjoy life and share a coffee or a glas of wine.

Now and than I teach and mentor students. I love the young generation and I feel privileged they are inspired by me.

Not in last place - with pride - I'd like to say that I was price winner of the Twoty trend forecaster of the year award 2015/16.

(image: Bob Eshuis)