From June 2008 until December 2013 I was a columnist and co-editor for Second Sight, a Dutch magazine. Most of the articles written in English are also published on the blog of it fits!, fullinsight. Together with Miryam Muller and Carlos Cuellar Brown we've written over 1000 posts since 2010. To name a few of my titles: "Full Automation""The Yin & Yang within Power", "The Vintage Years" or "Individualism 4.0".

Since 2015 we stopped blogging on a regular basis on fullinsight. We simply felt there was too much information around! In line with the current economic system everything became about quantity: more views, clicks and followers ... We believe in quality! Miryam and Carlos are still part of my network, but we've all gone into different directions. I write today on request and share my thoughts in it fits! presentations and also while selling Peclers trend services.


I am often quoted in magazines like Elle, Glamour or Elegance and in newspapers like the Volkskrant, the NRC or the FD (all Dutch newspapers).

In the FD (the Dutch Financial Times) I've written the following spread in 2013: